L'échappée Volée
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Brand Platform


Graphic guidelines


Conception & UX Design

Interface design

Front & Back-end development

An emanation of the coaching agency Brightness, L'Échappée Volée is a Do-Tank that puts innovation at the service of the common good. Consulted to design a new visual identity, a corporate website and temporary websites for its events, we chose to explore a playful and colorful graphic universe, within which the iconography of the space conquest of the 60s evokes a retro, analogical and quirky universe. The interface plays on rhythms between graphic elements (images, typos, button), scroll effects and the depth for a geek and sparkling look & feel.
Brand identity

Our challenge with the logo was to illustrate the transition from the notion of idea to that of action. To do so, we explored the territory of Call To Action and other computer dialogue boxes. The toggle, button representing a switch that lights or holds an element, was quickly imposed to compose a visually strong and meaningful logo. The letter O which seems to stretch translates the idea of advancement, of progression.