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Watch brand Fugue has entrusted us with a broad mission: to design a brand platform capable of developing an inspiring story-telling, to develop a print and digital graphic identity based on the existing logo, and to imagine a beautiful yet functional eshop.
Brand platform

Tempus fugit

Time is a pure product of our consciousness. Fundamentally attached to our individuality, it is also a reference point in our collective life. In life, he is everywhere, he locks us in and frees us. It is this factor of change that makes everything we live unique, puts everything in perspective, separates the accessory from the essential. By its limited nature, it is the salt that gives taste to any existence. Accelerating life rhythms, erasing historical backgrounds and visions of the future... Constant media noise, our endless thirst for technology, the use of machines, our chronic fear of boredom and slowdown often prevent us from taking a break. An intangible resource by nature limited, is time to be placed in the category of rarity? Can we still take it, accept to lose it, enjoy the boredom and the time of waiting?

The instant, this particule conceded by time and ignited by us. (R. Char)

Fugue strives to give the watch a strong symbolic and emotional role. It is a highly personal object that is always worn on the skin itself. An everyday object, functional and usual, which underlies in hollow the exceptional stakes of the life. It is a landmark, a compass that places us on the map of time. It is a witness to our perception of the passage of time. 

Sublimate the beauty of the moment through a versatile and essential object

Emotion frees the moment! Surprise, joy, pleasure, delight, pride, affection, excitement... Whether it is the fruit of the relationship of the individual to his watch or whether it illustrates the sincere feeling of a situation, the emotion that is born in the moment Fugue is powerful, positive and communicative. From this point of view, Fugue is a mark of the present. From here and now.

Dress time, enhance the moment

A positive and powerful concept, in line with the times and the brand's aspirations. This brand idea places Fugue in a modern posture that reconciles the new challenges of desirability and the role of safe haven value that belongs to luxury brands. An assumed positioning as a watch brand of a new kind, whose codes and writing, far from being noisy and eventful, are silent - but eloquent.

Corporate identity

The visual identity designed for Fugue had to project the brand's values and reflect its personality: enthusiastic, hedonistic, perfectionist, non-conformist. The logo and its sign have been revised to give them strength and balance (interlettering, proportions, line thickness). The same goes for typograhy and colour range that conveys a modern yet premium look and feel.

Digital design

The eshop website immerses us into a strong visual buying experience. Based on Drupal , it allows the user to compose multiple models by combining different cases, squares and bracelets. Diferred scrolling, smooth transitions, various roll-over and sprites serve both an ambitious brand experience and help the user understanding the brand's concept and products.