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How to redefine the visual identity of a fashion brand anchored in the imagination of the French? That is the question Armor Lux asked us on the occasion of the brand's 80th anniversary. For this pitch, we developed a new brand platform, a new signature, and declined the visual identity proposals on all the brand's supports: boxes and bags, labels, signs and advertising. The following strategic and creative assets are the result of this consultation.
Brand plateform

Perceived values

Alongside the historical values claimed by Armor Lux, there were convictions that the brand seemed to carry within it without really expressing them fully. They have helped us to trace the contours of a whole and endearing brand, constituting a kind of tacit pact between the brand and the people.

  • Truth: transparency, truthfulness, accuracy of price
  • Creativity: passion for fashion, style, recognizable, laboratory of ideas and techniques
  • Commitment: involvement in the local economy, CSR, eco-responsible approach, slow fashion
  • Authenticity: local roots, heritage and living heritage, brand history
  • Proximity: popular brand

Brand culture

It was fundamental to integrate these values and convictions into a more global and richer whole. This corpus is called brand culture. At Armor Lux, it is intimately linked to Brittany, the marine world and seafarers. 

  • Taste for adventure: reference to travel, evocation of the industrial saga Armor Lux
  • Self-improvement: reference to sport, but also to seafaring professions
  • Opening: invitation to travel and to others, universal dimension, inscription in the time
  • Sharing and sense of community: teamwork, support for local and popular initiatives
  • Pride of the Breton heritage: music, dance, culinary tradition, dress folklore, language, history...


Armor Lux is a brand of heart benefiting from an incontestable popularity. This had to be reflected in the new graphic identity. These broad character traits make the brand interesting, bring relief and complexity.

  • Human: incarnate, concerned
  • Frank, sincere: honest, unfiltered, real
  • Generous: spare no effort, reward customers and employees
  • Caring: positive, concerned with people's well-being
  • Determined: gives itself the means to implement its ambitions, concentrates on its mission
  • Optimistic: sees opportunities before obstacles, believes in the future

Brittany, body and soul.

Presented in the form of a manifesto, the new brand signature is a declaration of love to Brittany. Marked by passion, it inscribes Armor Lux in a new modernity, over which fashion effects and trends have no hold.
By referring to the brand's primary mission: to dress people.
By evoking this Breton soul whole and complex at the same time.
By proclaiming a positive and unifying attachment and commitment.
By proposing a holistic approach, a lifestyle: the body and mind as an inseparable whole.
By inducing unconditional involvement, without restraint of the brand. There's a lot of generosity in that signature. The brand, like its public, can appropriate it.

Proposal 1

In this first proposal, the introduction of the ermine tip from the Breton flag (Gwen ha du) inscribes the brand in a recognizable and coherent writing. By linking the words "Armor" and "Lux", he established the brand on his territory and in his heritage: Brittany. The typography used takes the main codes of Celtic typography (Egyptian impasto, lettering that seems engraved in stone...). The name "Armor Lux" expressed in capital letters gives it an assertive and statutory personality.

Proposal 2

This proposal explores a more figurative graphic territory. By its evocative power, the Créac'h lighthouse, whose stripes remind those of the marinières, anchors Armor Lux on its territory. Indeed, the lighthouse conveys both the idea of Brittany, the marine territory, the raging elements, but also the caring shown by men towards the boats sailing around the Breton coasts. It is thus a universal and positive sign, while being evocative of a singular Breton imagination. We can see in this proposal an almost literal representation of the phrase “light of the sea”, Armor Lux in Breton.