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Conception & UX Design

Interface design

Front & Back-end development

Photo & Video shooting

Assuming its "new-comer" status, premium men's skincare brand Archiman wanted an eshop that reflected its image: masculine, bold, generous and slightly unconventional... Challenge accepted for our office, who had the pleasure to accompany a beautiful brand which launches itself with great ambitions. On the website, the interface is based on units of 2, leaving a maximum of space to express the contents and articulate the ideas. XXL proportions fonts, rich menu, differentiated scrolls, animations that bring fun: Archiman decomplexes beauty for men. Built with Drupal CMS, the website offers everything that makes a successful eshop experience: geographic zone system, currency payment, order tunnel and custom user account, extreme attention to mobile experience... Who said men didn't take their beauty seriously?
Lifestyle photography

Shooted in the agency's studio, these imagess present Archiman products in a context close to real life. Here, the setting, the light and the accessorization evoke the bathroom of a premium hotel in the sun or a chic SPA during holidays.

Still life photography

Through these deliberately luscious images, we wanted to show the richness of the natural ingredients and the olfactory pyramid of each of the products in the range. Regarding the composition of the image, the product placed right in the center of the image seems to float on a vinyl matte background, contrasting with the explosion of colors and textures of citrus fruits and spices all around. Close your eyes: you can almost feel the scent!

Application gesture

Indispensable to show the perfect gesture, these photos educate and allow an optimal application of the product, by ritualizing the routine to make the gesture precise and the precious moment. Here, a simple bias: relax and enjoy the moment! A laid back attitude, a big smile and tons of good vibes for our model, which perfectly illustrates the Archiman man.